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Where To Stay In The Dolomites In 2024 For Your Dream Itinerary


Whether you are seeking a luxury chalet or in need of a wellness retreat – or you’re a budget backpacker, a solo traveler, a hiker, a couple, a family – the Dolomites truly have something to offer for everyone. But with the expansive range options comes the difficulty of determining which place to stay is right for you and your dream trip. Don’t waste any more time researching because you have arrived at the most in-depth guide on where to stay in the Dolomites, which will help you decide which towns and accommodations fit your personal dream Dolomites itinerary.

To understand the best places to stay in the Dolomites for you, you have to get clear about what you want to do and see there.

Luckily, it’s not hard to come up with a list of things to do in the Dolomites. It is hard narrowing down where to stay in the Dolomites – but not anymore!

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Getting Around The Dolomites

For an in-depth look at how to get around the Dolomites, I highly recommend looking at my 3-Day Dolomites road trip itinerary where I go into detail about ways to travel in the area.

How you get around the Dolomites is extremely relevant to deciding where you should stay.

Over any other suggestion, I recommend renting a car when visiting the Dolomites. Some places are just too hard to reach without a car, so if you want ultimate flexibility in choosing where to stay and what to see, renting a car is your best (and practically only) option.

Read up on driving in Italy before traveling to the Dolomites.

However, you can travel to cities and towns in the Dolomites by train. If you plan on using public transport, I recommend staying in larger towns than rural areas.

The more mountains, the more unlikely a train will pass through there. Train stations are few and far between in the Dolomites, but not non-existent.

Even driving from place to place through a mountain range has its challenges. For example, Bolzano and Cortina D’Ampezzo don’t look far from each other on a map. It’s a straight line east to west to reach each city – that is, if there wasn’t a giant UNESCO World Heritage Site mountain range in the middle of them!

So, your 45 minute drive just turned into 2 hours!

This is why it’s important to know beforehand how you are going to get around the Dolomites and choose your accommodation to best suit your access to transportation.

Nearest International Airports to the Dolomites

Main Train Stations in the Dolomites

Travel to the Dolomites by Bus Information

When To Visit The Dolomites

The season you are traveling in may also affect where you want to stay in the Dolomites.

Winter is very cold in the Dolomites, but it has its benefits too. You may want to stay in towns like Bressanone with Christmas Markets and nearby Mount Plose for skiing. Cortina D’Ampezzo is also a well-known destination for its slopes.

It can be cold and snowy in the Dolomites all through the spring, but this also might be where you get your best deals as a budget traveler.

The Dolomites high tourist season is, like most of Italy, in the summer – specifically July and August. Your best bet for visiting the Dolomites with nice weather, cheaper accommodation, and open activities is the months of June and September.

Good to know: Off-season in the months of May and October may mean that lots of activities and cable cares are closed!

Hotels can highly fluctuate in price based on the tourist season. For example, Forestis Dolomites is a luxury hotel that is expensive no matter what time of year, but the level of expensive varies drastically! In June, a room is 400 euros per night while in August, the same room is 800 euros per night!

Now that the main factors to take into account when choosing where to stay in the Dolomites are covered, let’s dive into the guide.

Types of Accommodation in the Dolomites

Despite the remoteness of some areas in the Dolomites, there is no shortage of amazing places to stay. From cabins on top of mountain peaks for hikers to five-star luxury spa hotels with brilliant views, the types of accommodations in the Dolomites often capitalize on what it is your itinerary will consist mostly of.

There are special things to note about types of accommodation in the Dolomites. For those who plan to hike, there are special cabins and hotels called Rifugio. These are in remote areas up in the peeks, perfect for outdoorsy and adventure travelers and also for those on a budget.

Another note on cheap accommodation in the Dolomites is to check out the tons of apartment stay options on or Airbnb. These are perfect for those who want to spend most of their time exploring and just need a bed to sleep in. You can spend as little as $60 per night on an apartment stay, whereas hotels typically cost more.

There are virtually no hostels in the Dolomites, besides a couple in Merano, but that area is a bit far from the Dolomites’ best sites.

Mid-range, boutique hotels are by far the most popular kind of accommodation in the Dolomites. They are moderately priced starting around $120 per night and often include breakfast and potentially even dinner, saving money on dining out (and time trying to find a restaurant!).

Luxury hotels in the Dolomites are geared towards wellness and relaxation. They often boast incredible spa amenities and are perfect for travelers who want to soak up some views, mountain air, and relaxation, but don’t care as much about exploring.

The Best Towns & Hotels to Stay in the Dolomites

The Dolomites cover a large area of the Italian Alps and are part of two different regions in Italy – Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto.

Where you stay in the Dolomites will likely be affected by what you want to do most – whether that’s visiting popular Lake Braies or the quieter Val di Funes.

Have an itinerary in mind when you start looking for accommodation, or at least a list of things you would like to do. This will help you start getting an idea of how much you can see in one day and the travel time between locations.

Once you have some spots in mind you can then look at these towns in relation to where you want to visit most and decide which works best for your itinerary and goals for visiting the Dolomites. From road tripping and multiple day trip visits, I discovered these are the best towns overall to stay in the Dolomites.

Val Gardena, Trentino Alto-Adige

Selva di Val Gardena

Highlights: Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites, wide variety of accommodation at budget to luxury price ranges, scenic area with 360° views
Cons: Less accessible to highway, no train access
Perfect for: Outdoors Lovers, Budget Travelers, Boutique Travelers, Mountain/Spa Retreats
Reachability: Easy to Medium Difficulty, By Car or By Bus

I stayed in Val Gardena and think it is one of the best locations to stay in the Dolomites. The valley is pristine, beautiful and private, tucked away from main roads but still close enough to the highway that it is reasonable to get to other areas of the Dolomites.

The main towns in Val Garden are Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva di Val Gardena.

I personally stayed in Selva di Val Gardena (which I consider the best!), but spent time in all three towns.

Ortisei is the most lively and busy of all three towns. It is slightly bigger and is home to two cable cars that go to main attractions, the unmissable Alpe di Siusi and the Seceda hike. It is best if you want convenience.

Santa Cristina and Selva di Val Gardena are calmer than Ortisei, which I prefer when visiting the Dolomites since the atmosphere is so tranquil. Selva truly offers the best feel of all three towns because it has a nice town center yet is nestled in the valley, surrounded by nature and unbelievable views!

Good to know: If you stay in Val Gardena accommodation, you will receive the Val Gardena Mobil Card, which allows you to use public transportation in the area for free!

Budget Accommodation in Val Gardena

Apartments Lores

I personally stayed at Apartments Lores, which is the perfect budget accommodation for large groups. The apartments are big and comfortable with views of the surrounding scenery.

Image courtesy of

Hotel Cir

Hotel Cir is more remote but for the price and scenery is well-worth the extra effort to reach in the beautiful Passo Gardena. It’s perfect for those seeking the most incredible views on a budget and hikers.

Image courtesy of

Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Val Gardena

Linder Cycling Hotel

The perfect dose of luxury without yet hitting that insane luxury price range goes to Linder Cycling Hotel. This property stands out for its beautiful design and its huge range of amenities, from pool to sauna to restaurant.

Image courtesy of

Boutique Hotel Nives

Boutique Hotel Nives is a smaller, more intimate hotel, where every room comes with a view. It also offers a free ski shuttle.

Image courtesy of

Luxury Accommodation in Val Gardena

Granbaita Dolomites

If there was one stand-out accommodation in Val Gardena, it’s five-star hotel Granbaita Dolomites. The hotel is excellent in terms of amenities, liveliness, proximity to activities, and views.

Image courtesy of

Valdaora, Trentino Alto-Adige

Village Center of Valdaora

Budget Accommodation in Valdaora

Farm Apartment

At only $66 a night, this cozy apartment stay in Valdaora is a steal. If you are just in need of a bed to sleep in and are spending the rest of your time exploring outdoors, this is the perfect spot for its central location near Lake Braies.

Image Courtesy of

Holiday Apartment

At $72 per night, this apartment stay provides bright and comfortable rooms with mountain views and close to popular hikes and outdoor sports offerings.

Image Courtesy of

Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Valdaora

Hotel Scherer

From my own personal stay at Hotel Scherer, I can say that this hotel is great value. With breakfast and dinner included plus a room with a balcony and mountain views, and a sauna at your disposal, it’s a complete steal and you get a lot of bang for your buck. If you want to know more about this hotel, you can read about it in my Dolomites itinerary.

Almhotel Lenz

Similar to Hotel Scherer, Almhotel Lenz is a great mid-range option that includes a lot for the price you pay. It’s around $150 per night for two guests and includes breakfast and dinner. It’s a classic alpine lodge feel with spectacular mountain views to complement.

Image Courtesy of

Luxury Accommodation in Valdaora

Hotel Hubertus

If there’s one dream hotel to stay at in the Dolomites, (at least for me) it’s Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus. The striking infinity pool suspended on the hilltop, combined with the striking views and proximity to top sites like Lago di Braies makes it the best hotel in the Dolomites.

Image Courtesy of

Kronplatz-Resort Berghotel Zirm

For those looking to ski, this resort offers direct access to the slopes and sweeping views over the Valdaora valley. You can opt to include breakfast, dinner, or both in your stay price and make the most of the wellness amenities within the resort.

Image Courtesy of

Honorable Mention Town Near Valdaora: San Candido

San Candido is a small alpine town in the Alta Pusteria zone, more centrally located in the Dolomites near Lake Braies and Lake Dobbiaco.

Beautiful hotels in San Candido include:

Cortina D’Ampezzo, Veneto

Pro Tip: If you are looking at the Veneto area of the Dolomites but Cortina seems to be out of the price range for you, try Auronzo di Cadore. This is a gorgeous town on a lake where I have personally stayed and you can find more budget-friendly accommodation.

Budget Accommodation in Cortina

Hotel Olimpia

Hotel Olimpia is a bit of an old-fashioned, humble accommodation, but at $100 per night, it’s a great price for the luxury ski resort area of Cortina D’Ampezzo. If you want to ski the famous slopes of Cortina on a budget, this is one of your best hotel options (it even includes breakfast!)

Image Courtesy of

Hotel Cappanina

Starting at only $88 per night, the rooms at Hotel Cappanina are ideal for budget travelers looking for a comfortable place to stay. The only thing to keep in mind is that the hotel is 2 km from the Cortina center.

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Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Cortina

Hotel Aquila

Situated right in the heart of Cortina D’Ampezzo, Hotel Aquila is one of the best value hotels for the money for its location and included breakfast.

Image Courtesy of

Hotel Mirage

Hotel Mirage is just outside the Cortina center but has a private shuttle to take you into town whenever you desire. At the mid-range price point, this hotel’s services, rooms, and mountain views are all an incredible value for this area in the Dolomites.

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Luxury Accommodation in Cortina

Grand Hotel Savoia

Grand Hotel Savoia is certainly grand. This 5-star luxury resort comes serviced with beautiful rooms, attentive staff, and amenities such as a piano bar and on-site restaurant.

Image Courtesy of

Cristallo Luxury Resort & Spa

If hotels are your thing, then you can’t miss staying at Cristallo, an award-winning ski resort just outside Cortina (but with a free shuttle service to the center.) You may not even need to leave the hotel with its three restaurants, spa and beauty treatment offerings, proximity to the ski lifts, and free bike rentals in the summer.

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Bressanone, Trentino Alto-Adige

Bressanone Town Center

Budget Accommodation in Bressanone

Farm Stay Airbnb

Just a bit north of the Bressanone town center is a romantic mill room for only $72 per night. This spot is perfect for those looking for a more unique and cozy stay in the Dolomites.

Image Courtesy of

Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Bressanone

Hotel Elephant

Hotel Elephant is a boutique gem in the historic center of Bressanone. The lavish decor and vintage vibes of the exterior old building and classy rooms will transport you to another era! The hotel even includes a city pass to visit Bressanone’s best attractions for free.

Image Courtesy of

Hotel Grüner Baum

If you are looking for a hotel close to a town center, then Hotel Grüner Baum is the perfect spot in Bressanone. Its wellness amenities are ideal for kicking back and relaxing while its location in the heart of Bressanone is perfect for those with the energy to keep exploring.

Image Courtesy of

Luxury Accommodation in Bressanone

Hotel Gasserhof

Hotel Gasserhof has it all. Stylish rooms, amazing location near Mount Plose, and luxury amenities at the lower end of luxury hotel prices. Plus, a fabulous breakfast and dinner is included, so you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Image courtesy of

My Arbor Wellness Hotel

Luxury hotels in the Dolomites are all about wellness and My Arbor does not disappoint. The modern design of this hotel combined with the earthy, wood accents of its guest rooms complement the surroundings and provide an atmosphere of total luxury and comfort. It’s super close to the ski lift for those who want to hit the slopes on the famous Mount Plose.

Image Courtesy of

Forestis Dolomites

If you are on the hunt for ultimate luxury and money is no object, then Forestis Dolomites is where to stay. This incredibly posh yet nature-oriented adults-only wellness resort is perfect for couples or hotel aficionados, offering the ultimate experience of high-end accommodation.

Image Courtesy of

Bolzano, Trentino Alto-Adige

From Bolzano, there are also many more day trip offerings to go into the heart of the Dolomites, which is perfect for those traveling without their own vehicle! Transportation is handled for you and you still get to go to those bucket list places that are nearly impossible to reach without a car.

Budget Accommodation in Bolzano

Mary’s Rooms & Apartments

Mary’s Rooms & Apartments is an inexpensive apartment stay right in the center of Bolzano at under $100 a night. Perks of these rooms include city views and is less than a mile away from the Bolzano Christmas Market!

Image Courtesy of

B&B Hotel Bolzano

B&B Hotel Bolzano is a basic accommodation perfect for budget travelers at around $80 per night. The hotel is located near to the highway and has free parking so it is a perfect one-night stop if you are on a road trip.

There’s also a cafe and optional add-on breakfast offered in the morning!

Image Courtesy of

Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Bolzano


Laubenhaus is a collection of gorgeous apartments in the heart of the historic center of Bolzano. Some rooms even come with a terrace to take in mountain views. This is the most stylish place to stay in Bolzano inside and out!

Image Courtesy of

Parkhotel Luna Mondschein

Parkhotel Luna Mondschein has a little bit for everyone at a price that won’t break the bank. The kid-friendly atmosphere and gardens to run around in are perfect for families, while the spa amenities are pluses for a couple’s getaway!

Image Courtesy of

Luxury Accommodation in Bolzano

Parkhotel Laurin

In the center of Bolzano is the stunning Parkhotel Laurin hosted in a building dating back to 1910. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar for you to meander down to from your luxury room. Travelers who appreciate design and amenities will love this stay!

Image Courtesy of

Castel Hörtenberg

If you want to live out your alpine fairytale dreams, then Castel Hörtenerg was made for you. Every room in this castle hotel comes with a view, as well as access to spa amenities and the gardens.

Image Courtesy of

Misurina, Veneto

Budget Accommodation in Misurina

Balcony on Tre Cime Airbnb

For under $100 per night, this rustic airbnb provides panoramic views and is nearby to popular hikes including Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Image Courtesy of

Rifugio Col de Varda

Perfect for hikers and budget backpackers, Rifugio Col de Varda offers incredible views from its high elevation above Misurina.

Image Courtesy of

Boutique & Mid-Range Accommodation in Misurina

Spectacular View Misurina Lake Apartment Stay

This Airbnb is the perfect combination of budget-friendly and priceless views. You can explore the nearby hiking areas of Tre Cime di Lavaredo or just admire the peaks from your window.

Image Courtesy of

Luxury Accommodation in Misurina

Grand Hotel Misurina

Grand Hotel Misurina is the iconic yellow mountain chalet reflecting on Lake Misurina in the early morning. At $235 per night, it’s still not a bad deal for being the most luxurious hotel in Misurina.

Unique Stays in the Dolomites

Mirror House

Image Courtesy of

If you’re looking for a truly unique place to stay in the Dolomites, then you have found it! Located in the area of Bolzano, the Mirror House is wrapped in exterior mirrors, creating a crazy beautiful illusion of the mountain views and stunning swimming pool. There are actually two Mirror Houses, making this accommodation perfect to split for big groups, or just reserve one for a secluded couple’s getaway.

Tiny Chalet

Image Courtesy of

As a more affordable unique stay, this tiny, secluded barn is way up high in the Dolomites. The remoteness of the area means untouched areas of nature and uninhibited panoramic views to soak in. At $120 per night, this private retreat is perfect for those chasing an authentic travel experience on a budget.

The SGTD Take

That was a lot to cover! But I hope this extra-thorough guide to accommodation in the Dolomites is exactly what you need to help you figure out which areas are the best for you to stay as well as which hotels are the best value for the experience you are craving.

I’ve done so much research on stays in the Dolomites for my own personal trips that I saw it only fitting to help guide others so they can spend less time stressing about trip planning and more time getting excited for their adventure!

Discover more ideas for your northern Italy itinerary.

Which is your favorite area or hotel to stay in the Dolomites? Leave a comment so we can talk about it!

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Hopefully this guide all about where to stay in the Dolomites has given you just the insight you needed to pick the perfect accommodation for your dream trip!



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