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Ultimate Guide to a Low Budget London Trip as a Solo Traveler

Tower Bridge, London

Name a better first-time solo travel destination than London – I can’t think of one! Its history is world-renowned, the city is full of sites & easily navigable, and the English-speaking country of Great Britain is potentially an easy place to start for U.S. solo travelers going on their first trek. The only thing that seems it could be a downside – the price. London is not necessarily known as being an affordable city. Luckily, it’s not impossible to plan a low budget London trip as a solo traveler.

My own trip to London while studying abroad in Italy allowed me to make all the mistakes and learn all the tips as to what it takes to do London on a budget. I’m thankful to share those tips with you now!

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Planning a Budget London Trip As a Solo Traveler

Magnificent facade on the side of Westminster Abbey.

Any budget trip is going to take preparation. Just winging it is what’s going to cost you! You’ll run into budget-busting mistakes that could have been avoided.

To assist you with more of your budget trip planning, open up these posts for some of my tips after being a budget traveler for over 4 years now:

Budget Airlines & Trains

Getting to London is your first objective. Most likely you’ll arrive by plane unless you are coming from Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam using the Eurostar train.

The Eurostar will most likely be the cheapest option to get to London if you have it available to you and book tickets in advance.

But the other benefit to London is the availability of budget airline options. It’s a hub of Europe so budget airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet are cheap and easy ways to get to London.

If you’re coming from the U.S. to London, I recommend checking out Student Universe for deals on flights for travelers under 26 years old. They offer specific deals to young travelers and could offset the cost of a transatlantic flight. They even have coupon codes sometimes!

Transportation from Airport

Knowing the different kinds of transportation and your options will make getting around a huge city like London easier and cheaper.

One thing you have to consider if you are arriving in London by the airport is getting from the airport to the city center.

I wouldn’t recommend renting a car unless you plan on going beyond London’s city center, since London itself is very walkable. Taking a taxi is the next most expensive option – no thanks!

You have a few budget options from London Stansted, where RyanAir flies into. You can reach London by train, Coach bus, and easyBus.

The train is the most costly of the three, but it leaves most frequently from the airport. A coach bus is what I took, with one-way tickets being in the 8-12 pound mark.

EasyBus is the cheapest option at only 2 pounds! It’s surely the way to go when planning a low budget London trip as a solo traveler.

Now, these are the options from London Stansted, which I utilized having flown with RyanAir. London Gatwick offers the same options.

From Heathrow, you can also take the Underground, which is fairly cheap as well.

Stay in a Hostel – My favorite I’ve ever been to!

Image Courtesy of:

I think my low budget London trip was extra special because it was the first and best time I’ve ever stayed in a hostel!

It was in London that I fell in love with Generator Hostels. Now, if I’m going to a city where they’re located, that’s my go-to budget spot.

Generator Hostels is actually a chain, which helped me feel more secure as a beginner solo traveler knowing I was staying at an established brand of accommodations.

And if you’re nervous to stay in a hostel – especially as a female traveler – I understand. That’s why I wrote my best tips for staying safe in a hostel.

I recommend this hostel because of its amenities. It’s a very social space, so it will be easy to make friends on your solo travel trip!

Its location is central, but not smack dab in the middle of London. Luckily at least, it’s very close to a metro stop to connect you to all the sites.

Hostels are always the best budget option to go when it comes to accommodation.

Oyster Pass

The Oyster Visitor card makes getting around London a smooth process. If you have it, you can even get discounts on other tourist attractions, restaurants, and more!

The Oyster Pass was something I was able to purchase at Generator London. You can pay for a prepaid amount of pounds loaded onto the card that you can then use to pay for all kinds of transportation around the city.

At the hostel, I was even able to get a discount!

You can prepay for your card online if you don’t want to wait and purchase unless you’re still unsure if you’ll want one (I wasn’t sure either, but it turned out great!) The link also includes a lot more detailed information as well as FAQs about how to use the card.

Walking (& Planning for Walking)

Walking around the city lets you explore all kinds of nooks you would’ve missed if you were taking transportation. Like this peek at Westminster Abbey behind historic stone buildings!

One way that will make a low budget London trip as a solo traveler much more feasible is walking.

Skip all that transportation!

London is big – so it’s not the most walkable city, but it is still doable. That is especially if you plan out your trip in more detail, focusing on areas where you can take transportation to once and then walk the rest of the day.

Free Walking Tours

Speaking of walking, why not take a tour while you do it!

Another great part about staying at Generator Hostels was the availability of free walking tours offered to guests.

Walking tours are some of the best ways to explore a city and see as much of what it has to offer in a short time. is an inexpensive option for walking tours if you don’t happen to find a free one. They are only 15 pounds, which isn’t too bad if it means you get to see a ton of the city!

Free Attractions

Buckingham Palace is one of the most notable locations in London. You can visit outside during the day and see the Royal Changing of the Guards for free.

There’s nothing better about a budget trip than free attractions! Luckily, London has so much to see and experience that doesn’t cost a thing.

Some of my favorites are:

Also take advantage of free museums! There are so many from the Royal Academy of Arts to the National Gallery.

Enjoy a stroll or picnic through St. James Park and ogle at the stunningly detailed gate.

General Tips for Planning a Budget London Trip as a Solo Traveler

To budget London as a solo traveler means to take advantage of all the basic budget hacks of travel.

There are always more tips to keep in mind, including:

Overall, with good preparation and knowledge of these tips, you’ll be able to make a solo trip to London budget-friendly and be able to enjoy the city without worrying over every penny!

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I hope you’re on your way to London town soon! Make sure to pack these tips with you!



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