So you’re ready for your next adventure?

So am I!

I’m Michela (mih~keh~luh, just to help you guys out!). I recently graduated and as a History major, was totally guilty of daydreaming in class about traveling the world I was learning about from my textbooks.

So far, I’d say I’ve been pretty fortunate to do that. I traveled all throughout college and have so much more planned ahead.

I’m from Tampa, Florida and while traveling will always be my number one passion & theme on this blog, I have so many other passions & interests – just like you!

But I’ve always struggled with balancing them. I’ve constantly doubted – can I pull it off, be satisfied in every interest I have, asking myself: where can I get the inspiration and resources to go the distance & achieve so many goals in my own life – literally and figuratively?

Well, if that sounds anything like you then welcome! We are all human and we all desire to live our best life, well-rounded and full of productivity and adventure.

I’m here to share my expertise, experiences & my struggles (because we all have them) so that you have the resources and inspiration to go the distance in your own life.

So, what’s in it for you here?

  • I’m going to share all of my travel expertise for the trips you’re dreaming up & penning on those bucket lists.
  • I’ll be giving you style guides & packing tips for your love of fashion and travel – because there’s nothing more fun (but stressful!) than styling your life into a suitcase.
  • Learn endless information and hacks on how to improve your photography for your travels & of course, your Insta feed.
  • Lastly, I feel a travel and lifestyle blog is incomplete if we don’t talk a little bit about leading a healthy, sustainable lifestyle when it comes to fitness, mental health & motivation for achieving your goals.

Yes, that might be a lot to cover, but good thing this blog has all the space for it!

Start here with my Free & Printable Packing & Styling Guide.

Society makes it feel like after graduating the only option is to buckle down and stick to one thing that’s going to make you money.

I don’t want to believe that one has to sacrifice all of their passions to conform to that standard.

And I am sure there are so many other young adult girls (and boys!) like me out there who want to be a BOSS in everything they do!

I want this blog to be a hub for empowerment and inspiration, learning and growing, and a bit of girly fun to indulge in (sorry boys, just for a little bit). I, too, am here to learn, be inspired, dream, and see the world.

Let’s go the distance together.


Michela Marie

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