The Best One Day in Siena, Italy Itinerary You Need To Steal

Rising from the calm hills of the Tuscan is the Medieval mecca of Siena, Italy. This burnt-orange, green-shuttered city carries character in every stone of its streets. Luckily for travelers, Siena is the perfect example of not too big, not…


All About Aperitivo: How to Enjoy the Sacred Italian Aperitif

Ever since I moved to Italy, there is one moment of the day that still holds such curiosity and mystery to my American eyes. It is a cultural rite of Italians, whether it’s a moment after work or a weekend…


San Fruttuoso, Italy: 10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting This Exotic Cove

If you’ve heard of San Fruttuoso, you know that it is one of the most beautiful, mysterious and exotic locations on Italy’s Mediterranean coast. This hidden cove reachable only by boat boasts crystalline waters and a historic abbey among the…


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