8 Best Beaches in North Sardinia Sure to Take Your Breath Away (+ Map!)

8 Best Beaches in North Sardinia Sure to Take Your Breath Away (+ Map!)

Sardinia is the definition of paradise. This Mediterranean island is completely unique to the rest of Italy, and let’s hope as travelers that it stays that way. Known for its many turquoise coves and stretches of sandy coast, Sardinia is home to some of the best beaches in Italy and the world. If you’re visiting north Sardinia, you’re going to the mecca of Sardinia beaches. Get out your itinerary notes and save these 8 best beaches in north Sardinia for an unforgettable trip!

Best Beaches in North Sardinia

1. Spiaggia Li Cossi

I’m first revealing the hidden gem – and my personal favorite – because it is just that good.

What makes Spiaggia Li Cossi an absolute must-visit is how different it is from any other beach in North Sardinia.

As you arrive in Costa Paradiso, the landscape turns reddish and rocky, surrounded by boulders too big to even conceptualize how they got there. The resort town gives all the laidback vibes you wish for on a Sardinia vacation.

Park next to the Chiosco Bar Al Porto in Costa Paradiso. From here, you’ll see signs for the path to the beach. This isn’t just any path. Walking along the reddish rock cliffs to a hidden paradise is a scenic journey.

Walk for about 10 minutes (if you count the time when you’ll stop to take pictures) and eventually turn the corner to find the gem of Li Cossi Beach.

Describing it in words doesn’t do it justice, but I’ll try. A magnificent river canyon, enveloped by rocky mountains and lush forest, meets the sandy beach of an emerald cove.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Sardinia, Li Cossi is also one of the most comfortable north Sardinia beaches thanks to the soft sand, a convenient bar with sun chair rentals, and a decent amount of space to spread out.

I recommend getting to Li Cossi as early as you possibly can. I arrived around 10 am (which I would consider late for a beach day), and it actually wasn’t very crowded, but by midday, the cove was full.

2. La Pelosa

If you ask someone about beautiful beaches in Sardinia, La Pelosa is likely the first to spring to mind.

La Pelosa beach is perched in the upper northwest corner of the island in Stintino. What makes it so beautiful?

You’ll see shades of blue you’ve never seen before and ridiculously clear water, all overlooked by a 16th-century stone tower and across from Asinara Island.

This beach is great for families since it is easily accessible, is made of soft sand, and the water is shallow for a long distance.

Important things to know before visiting La Pelosa

La Pelosa is one of Sardinia’s most famous beaches, so it is a lot more controlled than some of the more “natural” coves. If you’re visiting during the summer season, you’ll have to reserve your spot on the day you want to visit.

When you arrive, you can find paid parking right along the street above the beach. There are a lot of spots, but by mid-morning, it’s completely full.

After you park, you’ll have to visit a check-in desk (again, only during the period when reservations are required, which is usually June to October). The attendants will give you a wristband that the beach attendants check before you head down.

There are beach chairs to rent, but also a good amount of room on the free beach to lay out for the day.

There’s another rule to La Pelosa: because of its popularity, the beach gets very busy, which has caused a conservation effort to be put in force. Only certain towels are permitted to be used on the beach because some towels end up taking more sand than others. You can either buy a mat, or a “stuoia”, to lay under any towel or buy a microfiber towel, which can be laid directly on the sand.

I had both a mat and a microfiber towel. If I had known before that a microfiber towel was good enough, I would have skipped buying the mat. Microfiber towels are super convenient for travel, so I recommend getting that.

Nonetheless, they have mats for sale at the check-in desk for €6 in case you forget one.

The last thing to note about visiting La Pelosa is the nice, decently-priced Juniper Beach bar. This was a great spot right on the beach, not too expensive, and it had an incredible panoramic view. 

3. Cala Sabina

No other beach on this list gets more secluded than Cala Sabina.

This turquoise cove is located on Asinara Island, also known as Asinara National Park. You can only get to it by doing an excursion/taking a ferry to the island.

Cala Sabina is super remote, all the way towards the very north of the island, meaning the tip of Sardinia itself!

There are different options for excursions to Asinara National Park, but no matter how you choose to get around the island, you’ll have to go to the town of Cala d’Oliva, up the road towards the prison observatory. If you’re at the observatory, you’ve gone too far.

There will be a sign for a path (keep a lookout for it along the road because it is not that obvious) that says Sentiero del Faro. Take this path for about 15-20 minutes to make it down to the cove.

Cala Sabina is super remote, so there are tons of fish for snorkeling, and the fine sand is a soft luxury! I arrived around 4 pm, which is quite late since the last ferry off Asinara is at 6:30 pm, but it was so worth getting a quick swim – there was absolutely no one else there at this time!

This is definitely a natural cove – so be on the lookout for wildlife!

4. Cala Corsara

I did a full-day excursion to the La Maddalena archipelago, which has been a dream of mine for so many years. While I would have loved to visit more beaches throughout the day, Cala Corsara is the one that absolutely stood out.

Cala Corsara is a wide, remote cove with several little beaches on the island of Spargi. The landscape is breathtaking because rock formations and cliffs are all along the sandy beaches. And, of course, the water is crystal clear, a stunning bright blue.

You can only get to this beach if you have a boat or book an excursion to the La Maddelena. Not every excursion goes to the same beaches, so if you really want to hit this one, check the description and itinerary to confirm the excursion goes there before booking.

5. Cala Spinosa

The area of Capo Testa and Santa Teresa di Gallura is literally surrounded by pretty beaches. The prettiest, though, is arguably Cala Spinosa.

Cala Spinosa lies just before the famous Capo Testa lighthouse. It is much more of a remote, natural cove than a commercial beach. The water is a deep, rich blue and green due to more rocks being present beneath the sea.

This beach is better for couples or adventurers, as it is more remote, quiet, and romantic. If you walk towards the lighthouse and make a right to walk along the coast, you’ll find a staircase going down to a dock-type structure from where you can jump in the water and swim.

Otherwise, you can walk down to the sandy beach areas (keep in mind they’re quite small so I would get here early to snag a spot) from the parking lot. There is limited parking – it is not really a lot, but rather street parking along the road.

Honorable mentions nearby: Rena Majori Beach and the Spiaggia Colonne Romane.

6. Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe, or Spiaggia Li Cogghj, was a hidden gem I am so happy I didn’t miss! This beach is located near Porto Cervo and Golfo Aranci along the Costa Smeralda, an area of Sardinia that has a reputation for luxury and celebrities.

You’ll travel on a dirt road to get to the beach parking, which is paid and monitored by attendants. One thing I didn’t like about this beach was having to pay for the parking upfront. You would have to walk all the way back from the beach to the attendants in order to extend the parking, but the walk to the beach was slightly strenuous and long, so we were limited to the time we paid for upfront.

Once you park, you walk down to the beach, and while it isn’t too long (10 minutes), it is a very natural path with lots of vines/roots you can trip on and some areas with “stairs” that, again, can be difficult to navigate in flip flops!

But it is worth the temporary discomfort: as you approach the beach on the path, you get the first peek of crystal clear water. 

I loved this beach because it wasn’t too crowded and truly felt like a cove nestled into the curve of the island. The water was beautiful – that’s a theme with Sardinia – but I also loved the view. You can see in the distance the Tavolara island, which from this beach almost seems like a mirage.

But it is absolutely captivating!

7. Cala Brandinchi

I saw so many beaches in northern Sardinia that it is hard to choose a favorite, but Cala Brandinchi is absolutely up there!

Cala Brandinchi is a very popular beach with locals and tourists alike. It’s no wonder – the water is unbelievable, and the Tavolara Island in the distance is unreal.

This beach is very shallow for a long distance, so it’s not the best for snorkeling, but amazing for families and playing games.

Cala Brandinchi is one of the beaches that requires a reservation for the day, depending on the time of year. Find more information on the Cala Brandinchi reservation system.

You have to pay for parking at Cala Brandichi, but the lot is big and comfortable compared to other beaches. You’ll also find a full beach bar with an eating area, as well as lots of different rentals like boats, stand-up paddles, paddleboats and more.

8. Capo Coda Cavallo

If you want an even better view of the magnificent Tavolara Island, then head to Capo Coda Cavallo.

This beach checks all the boxes: sandy and comfortable, beautiful water and view, snorkeling – I even saw some flounders here!

There is paid parking just a short walk away from the beach. The facilities are fewer here than in Cala Brandinchi, which is just on the other side of the peninsula. There is just a small bar with a little eating area and no beach chairs.

Capo Coda Cavallo Beach is the perfect balance between the natural coves and the more commercial beaches.

Tips for Visiting Beaches in North Sardinia

  • Research the beaches before visiting: Because of increasing tourism, more and more beaches during peak season require a reservation ahead of time.

  • Do you need swim shoes? Most of these beaches are sandy, and I didn’t feel the need to have swim shoes even if there were some pebbles.

  • Bring snorkeling gear, towels, and beach games: Towels are a necessity when visiting these beaches. I also think it is super worth it to get your own snorkeling gear and at least one beach game, like a ball, to pass the time and get the most enjoyment out of your beach day.

  • Keep an eye on your belongings: If you’re traveling alone or only in two people, keep in mind that you’ll want to be able to enjoy the water but also keep an eye on your belongings. I recommend positioning yourself as close to the beach as possible so you can so you can watch your stuff while having fun.

  • Beach sellers: Just be aware that there are people selling things on the beach, such as toys, towels, and other items. If you do end up needing to buy something from them, like a towel you forgot, make sure you have cash.

What’s the best time to visit north Sardinia beaches?

Sardinia is a big tourist destination for Italians and international visitors alike. In July and August, you can imagine that it is absolutely swarmed with people.

I went in early June, which I think is the perfect time to go. Kids are still in school at the very beginning of June, and it is right before the peak period, so there are fewer crowds. The water can be on the cooler side, but it is so worth jumping in.

Map of the Best North Sardinia Beaches

The SGTD Take

Sardinia was one of the destinations at the top of my bucket list, and it completely lives up to the hype. These are the top 8 best beaches in north Sardinia, but there are so many that it is almost impossible to say one is better than the other. Definitely branch out and explore as many beaches as you can!

Have any questions about visiting Sardinia beaches? Let me know in the comments!

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I hope this guide to the best beaches in north Sardinia has inspired you in your itinerary planning!

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