How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees: Hacks for the Budget Traveler

One thing every traveler hates: baggage fees. Imagine, you’re booking a flight and you think you’ve found a fantastic deal. Two-hundred bucks round trip to your favorite city! You’re about to click “book” and start packing your bags when you…


Budget Travel Secrets: How to Travel More & Spend Less

Ever wonder how some people afford to travel so much? We all aren’t going on Instagram sponsored trips or racking in millions every day to do it! But I for sure have picked up tons of budget travel secrets from…


Five Female Travel Safety Tips for Hostels

When I first thought about staying in a hostel, my initial thought was “I’m a girl, absolutely not.” I didn’t know enough about them and I surely did not have a guide or pocketbook on female travel safety tips for…


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