How to Make Traveling On Your Period Not Suck: 13 Invaluable Tips

UGHHHHH. The big trip is finally here and it slowly dawns on you that it coincides with the week that mother nature wreaks havoc on your hormones. But hear me out – traveling on your period doesn’t have to be…


How to Travel with Two Passports: The Stress-Free Flying Guide

You’ve gotten dual citizenship – yay! There’s something so satisfying about finally having your second passport in hand. But how do you actually travel with two passports? When do you show what and what are the rules to follow? While…


35 Travel Essentials for Women Who Love To Wander

There are gadgets and gizmos aplenty out there to make travel better and easier. But how do you spot the nice-to-haves and the so-so’s from the must-haves and the absolutely amazing? I and my 5 years of experience traveling (and…


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