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15 Fun & Productive Things to Do on Long Flights To Avoid Boredom

Long-haul flights are bittersweet. You’re off to a destination far, far away which is incredibly exciting. But first you have to survive hours in a seat that barely fits your body and try to keep from becoming bored out of…


How to Survive Long Flights in Economy: 15 Long-Haul Flight Tips

Girl on a budget + loves to travel = expert on how to survive long flights in Economy. I would never give up the travel bug even if it means I can’t fly First Class – and I know you…


Face Masks on Long-Haul Flights: A Pocket Survival Guide

The world is changing and no doubt travel is looking a bit different these days. As we adapt, we face new challenges in making this travel work for us, one of those being the search for the perfect travel face…


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