The 13 Best Instagrammable Places in Edinburgh for Amazing Photos (Map & Secret Tips)

Edinburgh, Scotland is one of the most instagrammable cities in Europe. Whether you’re posing yourself at a cute cafe or sharing a photo diary of your epic city break, these spots are sure to make all your followers leave a…


22 Useful iPhone Travel Photography Tips for Instagram-Worthy Photos and Videos

Heading on new adventures and want to capture every moment on-the-go? Do your vacation photos all look the same and need leveling up? Or are you hesitant to invest just yet in a costly camera? No matter what category you…


100 Travel Photography Hashtags To Grow Your Instagram Account & Get Featured

While social media has opened so many doors for photographers, amateur to professional, to share their work, the space is becoming more and more crowded. Hashtags are one of the tools to get your photographs noticed on Instagram, which is…


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