Where to Stay in Cinque Terre: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Accommodation

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Accommodation

Deciding where to stay in Cinque Terre is no easy task. There are so many factors to consider that are unique to this destination due to its geography and popularity.

From how you’re going to get around to finding comfortable and beautiful accommodation without breaking the bank, this budget travel guide is going to cover it all!

While Cinque Terre is a beautiful destination, with so many things to do, its popularity can present a challenge for finding budget places to stay. That’s why I felt the need to compile a guide full of helpful and unique tips when it comes to searching for accommodation in this area, as well as a guide to the actual best places to stay in each of the five villages, as well as surrounding areas.

Don’t stress any longer about planning this part of your trip – after taking note of these travel tips, you’ll know exactly where you want to stay in Cinque Terre from my suggestions or exactly how to find your perfect accommodation on your own!

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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Where to Stay in Cinque Terre

There are a lot of different factors to consider besides the location you’re staying in when it comes to choosing accommodation in Cinque Terre.

It’s a unique geographical area, which both helps and hurts the options for accommodation. On the one hand, to experience staying in the villages themselves is like an Italian dream. On the other, it comes with a lot more pains in terms of a comfortable and budget-friendly travel experience.

The pains can absolutely be worth the trouble if your dream is a seaside view from one of the Cinque Terre’s pastel houses.

Personally for me, I choose to spend more on experiences like eating out or cultural tours than on accommodation. I tend to be out exploring all day, so even though I’m tempted to splurge on water views, I have to remind myself that I’m really just paying for a bed to sleep in.

If what I just said resonates with you and comfort and budget matter more to you as a traveler, you’ll really love this guide.

Here are some of the factors that you’ll want to keep in mind when you start searching for accommodation that you may not think of from the start.


If you’re arriving to Cinque Terre by car, I highly recommend staying outside of the national park area. Driving in Italy is one thing, but parking can be a completely different battle.

  1. Every town within the Cinque Terre has limited zones where cars can be. In fact, you won’t see any cars at all in the town centers besides the small garbage trucks doing their job.
  2. Consider parking fees. If you’re traveling by car, the first thing you should do is filter your accommodation search to show only properties that include parking. If you can try to avoid the extra expense (which can add up quickly) then this is a good place to start.

Even when listings say they have parking included, make sure you scroll to the details. For example, in La Spezia, I found lots of accommodation that offered parking and then found out that it cost as much as 25 euros per day.

Air Conditioning

Cinque Terre is a perfect destination for summer in Italy. But just know that the Mediterranean sun is going to scorch you!

It’s not uncommon to still find accommodation (usually apartment stays) that don’t have air conditioning. And if you’re relying on just opening the windows in your apartment, keep in mind bugs (especially mosquitoes) are on the offense during this season.

I again recommend adding a filter to your accommodation search to include A/C if you don’t think you’ll be able to take the heat.

Vicinity to Train & Public Transportation

I go in-depth on getting around Cinque Terre in my one-day itinerary, but you’ll discover quickly that the geography of this area presents challenges to movement.

Taking the train is the easiest and simple way to get around, so you’ll want to be conscious of where your accommodation is located in reference to the train station or the ferry transport, if that’s the public transportation of your choice.

After a day of exploring, you’re not going to want a 30 minute hike back to your accommodation and ride-sharing is not yet a popular service in Italy.


This factor is usually the first thing people consider when searching for accommodation, but I want to get you to start thinking about budget more in-depth, beyond just the price per night.

Does your accommodation have budget-friendly facilities like a kitchen to cook your own meal? If you’re departing much later than your check-out time, can you leave your luggage all-day at the accommodation or do you have to pay for a luggage holding service?

By thinking all the way through your itinerary, you can prepare for costly mistakes and try to avoid them by choosing accommodation that best fits into your travel plans.

Tips for Booking Affordable Accommodation in Cinque Terre

Book Ahead ASAP

Cinque Terre is extremely popular so accommodation goes quickly. Even after I had booked my stay, I checked Booking.com and Airbnb up until my last day to cancel my reservation just to see if anything cheaper would pop up.

No luck! If anything, every accommodation just got more expensive, which was not a surprise, but it just goes to show you that getting a last minute deal while visiting the Cinque Terre is likely not going to happen.

Book accommodation in Cinque Terre as soon as you have decided your travel plans.

Watch Out for Extra Fees

I run into this problem frequently while searching for accommodation on Airbnb. Listings may appear as in your budget, let’s say max $100 per night, but then the total price of the accommodation includes outrageous amounts of service and cleaning fees.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to crack the code on organizing the Airbnb search results to show me exactly what I want – which is the total price for a stay rather than just per night. The per night amount can be completely misleading when some properties add in a lot of extra fees.

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre

Disclaimer: The price per night of the accommodations may differ depending on the dates you are choosing to stay and how far ahead you book.

The Cinque Terre Villages

Ideally, staying in one of the five villages is on everyone’s Cinque Terre agenda. I absolutely recommend this option for the unique experience if you fall into this category of traveler: you’re not arriving with a car, you have a few days to spend at Cinque Terre, and/or you don’t mind spending more on accommodation.

Because Cinque Terre is a sought-after destination by many, it tends to cost more to stay within the towns. However, for the same reason, there are now tons of accommodation options (mostly Airbnbs/apartment stays) so there’s always a chance to find one around the budget-friendly $100 per night mark for this area.

Here are some of the best places to stay in the five villages.



At 111 USD per night, the cozy rooms at Sottocoperta are perfect for those traveling with a car, as there’s a place to park nearby (paid.) But there’s also an airport shuttle included and it’s not far from the train station!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

5 Terre Discovering

Off the main street in Riomaggiore, 5 Terre Discovering offers a super modern and clean room with a sea view for only 93 USD per night!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Villino Caterina House

If you want the best view on a budget, then this is the place! A stay at Villino Caterina House with the amazing views will cost you 87 USD per night if you’re not afraid to break a sweat to reach it!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Il Mare di Ada

I’ve saved the best for last in Riomaggiore, Il Mare di Ada, a vacation house on Riomaggiore’s harbor with breathtaking sea views. This place is budget-friendly if you book in the off-season or far ahead before summer at 87 USD per night. Yes, that view from your window is real!


Giovanni Rooms

If I had to pick the perfect budget-friendly accommodation in Manarola, I would choose Giovanni Rooms. For stunning views, street parking available, and clean, modern accommodation, this place is a steal at 94 USD per night in Manarola. You’ll definitely feel the burn if you’re carrying luggage while walking up to this apartment on Manarola’s hill, but it will be worth it!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Ca de Gianchi

Ca de Gianchi is in the center of Manarola priced at 111 USD per night. Some of the rooms even have a balcony so you can people watch when you come back to relax. There’s no parking available here, but it is only a five minute walk to the train station.

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Cà du Nilo

For only 87 USD a night, Cà du Nilo has luxurious features, including the pictured roof terrace overlooking all of Manarola. It’s high on the hills so get ready to sweat off that pesto pasta. The town center and train station are only a few minutes walk from this accommodation.

Image courtesy of Booking.com


Cecio 5 Terre Rooms

With beautiful views of Corniglia village, Cecio 5 Terre Rooms is one of the best deals you can get at 87 USD per night.

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Belvedere Affittacamere

Belvedere Affittacamere is located on Corniglia’s main street and right beside Corniglia’s best viewpoint, St. Mary’s Terrace. At $105 per night, you’re paying for the location and the sea views from your room!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Affittacamere Le Terrazze

For 111 USD per night, you can enjoy a sea view terrace and balcony, a private garden, and an airport shuttle at Affittacamere Le Terrazze.

Image courtesy of Booking.com


Locanda Valeria

Locanda Valeria is a unique stay in the hilltops above Vernazza. A renovated farmhouse at 90 USD per night, you can enjoy sprawling panoramic sea views from your balcony and breakfast included. This isn’t the most convenient stay for those who prefer to be in the town center, but it has it’s advantages for those who want to go off-the-beaten-path. Plus, there’s free parking!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Casa Vacanze Zia Maria

This cozy apartment, at 85 USD per night, is right next to the train station and there’s a parking facility nearby for 15 euros per day.

Oliveto Apartment

For 89 USD per night, the humble Oliveto Apartment is in a perfect location, close to the train station and to a parking facility for those arriving by car (15 euros per day to park.) You can also take advantage of an airport shuttle!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is a good place to stay if hitting the beach is at the top of your to-do list when visiting Cinque Terre. (Don’t leave for your trip without adding these Cinque Terre beaches to your bucket list!)

Here are some of the best places to stay in Monterosso on a budget.

I Lecci di Soviore

While it’s not the easiest place to reach, I Lecci di Soviore is too special of a budget-friendly property for me to not include it on this list! The renovated farmhouse is on the hills above Monterosso and offers sweeping views, breakfast, and a shuttle to the town of Monterosso and the train station included with the price of 100 USD per night.

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Affittacamere Al Frantoio

In the heart of Monterosso Old Town, you’ll find Affittacamere Al Frantoio. For 99 USD a night, you’ll have a terrace with garden views and be just a five minute walk to the beach. While there’s no parking option, they do offer luggage storage if your checkout is before the time of your departure from Cinque Terre.

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Zia Letizia Bed & Wine

Zia Letizia Bed & Wine is priced at 111 USD per night, but I had to recommend it for it’s charming terrace and rooms with a view!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

La Spezia

La Spezia is a small but important city on the “Golfo dei Poeti” or Bay of Poets. It is a significant harbor for cruise ships, large cargo ships, as well as a base for the Italian navy.

It’s not the prettiest town I’ve ever stayed in, but there are definitely a few advantages to staying in La Spezia.

  1. It has a main train station that connects to other major cities, so it’s easy-to-reach for those traveling Italy by train. The same train station is also connected to the Cinque Terre National Park.
  2. Accommodation is cheaper and you’ll likely have more space.
  3. There are more facilities around. If you need a full pharmacy or a large grocery store, they will be within blocks, where as the Cinque Terre villages have mostly small shops for groceries and other essentials.
  4. Easier access to other areas in Liguria. If you’re not limiting yourself to just the Cinque Terre, then you’ll find it’s easier to move to other towns like Portovenere or Lerici by staying in La Spezia.
  5. Parking! If you’re coming with a car to the Cinque Terre then you’ll want accommodation that includes parking. There are neighborhoods with lots of free parking, however, it can still be really full especially on weekends when tourists come to the area. But, at least it’s free, so you have to look on the bright side!

Where to Stay

Agave Apartment

I stayed in this exact Airbnb and loved it for 76 USD per night. Free parking, light and airy room, nice appliances and very spacious. We had some noisy neighbors our second night but the host had provided ear plugs for us to use, which was a sweet touch! It was also a convenient five minute walk to the train station.

Image courtesy of Airbnb.com

Cernaia Rooms

Cernaia Rooms is priced at 87 USD per night, with a picturesque garden. It’s less than 5 minutes-walk to the train station and in the middle of the city center with street parking available nearby!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Millstone House

Millstone House is a renovated property half a mile from the train station. At 112 USD per night it’s not the cheapest on this list, but it includes breakfast, free parking, and is one of the most modern properties!

Image courtesy of Booking.com


Levanto is smaller, but similar to La Spezia in that it’s on the opposite side of the Cinque Terre and easily connected by train.

It’s definitely prettier than La Spezia, with a long stretch of beach and a colorful town .

Because it’s smaller, accommodation options run out more quickly in this town than they do in La Spezia. But most of the reasons to stay in La Spezia also apply to Levanto.

Where to Stay

Affittacamere Creuza de Ma’

Affittacamere Creuza de Ma’ is 87 USD per night and the perfect location in Levanto, less than ten minutes walk to the Levanto Train Station and the town center. There’s free parking and a shared terrace for B&B guests!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Via Sant’Anna

Via Sant’Anna is in the perfect location, 5 minutes from the train station and 10 minutes from the town center by walking. The homemade breakfast is a highlight, plus free parking is included onsite and the room comes with a balcony for only 97 USD per night!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Agriturismo Eos

Agriturismo Eos is a bit further from the Levanto center, but I had to mention it because it’s such a beautiful budget-friendly traditional Italian farm-stay! It’s easily reached by car and there’s free parking on site, but other highlights are the warm and airy rooms and the panoramic view over the Riviera. Plus it’s only 97 USD per night!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante is further west from Cinque Terre, past Levanto. However, it is still connected to Cinque Terre by train which is why I think it’s still a good base for visiting the five villages. But keep in mind, the trains run more frequently to Levanto and La Spezia than they do to Sestri Levante.

It could also be a great spot to stay for those who have Portofino or Genoa on their itinerary, as Sestri Levante is halfway between La Spezia and Genoa.

The town is small but lively with many beaches to enjoy.

Where to Stay

Villa Pozzi

Villa Pozzi is in Riva Trigoso, a 15-20 minute walk from the Sestri Levante center. At only 77 USD per night, the savings are well-worth the extra walk! Breakfast is included while private parking is only 5 euros per day, which is inexpensive for the area. Plus, you can see it’s right near the water!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Ristorante Hotel Mare

For only 107 USD per night, you can be on the waterfront of Sestri Levante’s riviera in Ristorante Hotel Mira! Highlights of this property are the included breakfast and the location. Keep in mind there’s no parking included here, so this is best for budget travelers without a car.

Image courtesy of Booking.com

Calma di Vento

At 120 USD per night, Calma di Vento includes free parking, balconies with every room, and breakfast on the terrace!

Image courtesy of Booking.com

The SGTD Take

Choosing where to stay in Cinque Terre can be an intimidating task. I understand that when visiting such a beautiful destination, you just want everything about the experience to be perfect!

Hopefully my insight has helped you decide what you would like to prioritize in your accommodation search. Of course something is unclear or you have even more specific questions, leave me a comment and I am happy to help!

Which of these accommodations or tips did you like the most?

Italy Trip Planning Resources

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  • Booking flights: I like to search for flights through Skyscanner, but I also book direct depending on the airline.
  • Activities & experiences: For things to do that require a ticket, and for more unique trip activities, I use Musement.
  • Road trip: For renting a car, I get the best prices by comparing companies with AutoEurope. I then use ViaMichelin to estimate road trip costs and Autostrade.it to find gas stations/have live updates on traffic.
  • Transportation: Traveling by public transportation is a great way to see Italy. I use Trenitalia or Trainline to book tickets for trains and Flixbus for long-haul bus trips.
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Now that you have the resources for finding the perfect place to stay in Cinque Terre, I hope you have the best time visiting this area of Italy – it’s one of my favorites!




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