Five Female Travel Safety Tips for Hostels

Five Female Travel Safety Tips for Hostels

When I first thought about staying in a hostel, my initial thought was “I’m a girl, absolutely not.” I didn’t know enough about them and I surely did not have a guide or pocketbook on female travel safety tips for hostels.

There is a certain fear associated with travel in general.

Then fear of female travel,

Then fear of solo female travel,

– and the fear goes on.

But I and so many other female travelers will tell you its safe as long as you look out for yourself!

I’m here to help squash that fear and understand what hostels are, how they are useful to budget and solo travel, and how we as females can be safe and get amazing experiences out of them!

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Understanding Hostels

Hostels are low-cost accommodations usually frequented by backpacking travelers and those looking for a budget place to stay! They stay so low-cost because traditionally, they are made up of group dorm-style rooms! So, you stay with other travelers that you may not know.

This gives hostels one of their most unique and best qualities – the social environment! It’s so easy to connect with other travelers and create memorable experiences together.

But that can also be where the fear comes from…

I will say, I am not exempt from this fear. Not all hostels are created equally! A lot of the “safety” qualities depend on the location of hostels and their reputation (which you’ll find from reviews.)

But don’t fret! There are so many affordable and quality options out there, so you’ll be able to find one that makes you feel comfortable. And of course, if something doesn’t feel right, you can always speak to the staff for help.

Image courtesy of Generator Hostels,

For me personally, I love Generator Hostels. They are actually a hostel chain, which personally makes me feel more comfortable that it’s more established. That could make you more comfortable too! I’ve stayed at their Rome and London locations and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and met amazing people!

You can search for hostels at or with a simple Google search.

Now that we have a better understanding of hostels, let’s dig into the female travel safety tips.

Female Travel Safety Tips for Hostels

And here’s the round-up of tips! These are easy basic measures you can take to feel more at ease a female staying in a hostel. If you have any more to add, be sure to share your tips and experiences in the comments!

Choose Female-Only Dorm Rooms

The first way females can feel safe in hostels is to stay with other females!

Hostels now offer female-only dorm rooms. I didn’t even know these were an option when I started traveling! Not every hostel has this option, but my personal favorite hostel chain, Generator, does at most of their locations.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable at the thought of a co-ed dorm, then go ahead and make female-only dorm rooms a part of your search. This is a great compromise to still wanting to potentially meet other travelers and interact with them, but also feeling comfortable being surrounded by other female travelers just like you.

Choose a Private Room

Most people stay in hostels while traveling because they are looking to save money and avoid expensive hotels. That’s why they opt for the dorm rooms – the more people in a room, the less it costs!

But did you know most hostels also offer private rooms?

It will be a bit pricier, but your safety and sanity are priceless. If you’re extra nervous about just staying with anyone in general, opt for a private room. You can do so as a single traveler or if you are traveling with a few friends.

I would suggest if you are dead set on a private room to also compare the hostel to hotels in the area. Sometimes the private rooms in hostels can be just as expensive or more expensive than hotel rooms.

In that case, opt for the hotel room if you value service more. Stick with the hostel if you want to have interactions with other travelers!

Worried you won’t get to interact with other travelers? Don’t! There are so many activities at most hostels nowadays that have nothing to do with the room you’re staying in!

Keep Your Belongings Protected

As a female traveler, we need to focus on watching out for ourselves. Part of that peace of mind in a place like a shared living situation in a hostel is making sure our belongings are protected.

Take a look at this packing guide for travel safety essentials that will help keep you and your belongings safe.

Worried someone’s going to get into your stuff? I’ve traveled with valuables before in a hostel and I have definitely been cautious about that.

I always travel with my WANDRD PRVKE Series Camera Backpack. It’s not only super protective for my camera equipment, but has a ton of anti-theft and secret storage areas to keep my stuff safe in a hostel room or out and about. You can read my full review on it where I show you all the secret pockets and anti-theft features!

While this isn’t a solely female-oriented tip, it contributes to the overall idea of feeling safe. Reference my travel safety essentials to know exactly what you should be bringing to stay safe on any trip.

Pepper Spray

Good ol’ pepper spray. I’m sure tons of girls are with me that one of the first things you think of when it comes to female safety is self-defense pepper spray.

Now let me just tell you again – hostels are safe! But if you feel unsafe and are ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself, then do what you need to do to be prepared!

Always Stay with Someone or Make A Girl Friend

If you’re traveling with a friend, then you already have a bit of a security blanket you can rely on. In that case, stay together all the time!

If you aren’t traveling with a friend, then make friends with other female travelers! There are going to be other girls who are nervous and want to meet people, so get with a girls crew.

This is where hostels shine and why I truly love to integrate them into my travel experiences. Hostels are the perfect setting to meet like-minded people and facilitate personal connections you never would have made! Plus, the memories you’ll make after meeting so many new people will be close to you forever.

So don’t be afraid if you’re a group of female travelers or going solo, just be prepared and use common sense while traveling. I promise you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget there was any fear in the first place!

Please share your female safety travel tips in the comments! Let’s look out for each other ladies!

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We have to look out for each other while we are around the world! Use your common sense and these tips and you’ll be absolutely fine traveling and staying in hostels.

The world will be ready to explore again soon, and we’ll be ready for it!




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